– “My daughter is a member of the 2016 Philly Blast Team. She joined the team two years ago. I did alot of research before we made the commitment this year. I spoke with many parents of girls who played on other teams. I needed to be sure that I was making the right choice in a club team for my daughter. The bottom line is that we are very fortunate to be in area with many competitive club teams. What I have learned is that Philly Blast by far has the best coaches!. These women are committed to teaching the game of lacrosse, focusing on stick work, strategy and building confidence. The coaches create a very positive and focused environment for the players. My daughter has learned to really love the game of Lacrosse; She is super excited about the December and January stick work sessions. I am confident that I made the right decision in choosing Philly Blast for my daughter.”


– “My daughter is in her second year playing for Philly Blast Lacrosse.  This has been an exceptional experience for us! The coaches, Julie and Josie, know how to motivate these girls and have elevated my daughter’s game.  They know exactly how to challenge her and her teammates. Julie and Josie are able to verbally and physically demonstrate new skills and tactics to the players to advance their game. The coaching staff is very knowledgeable about the game and every aspect of lacrosse. We look forward to the many opportunities that my daughter will be afforded as a player for Philly Blast.  The program gives my daughter the ability to play in quality tournaments, whereas no recreational program in the area can give a player that kind of exposure.Quality coaching, quality competition, and quality families make playing for the Philly Blast Lacrosse Team a fantastic experience.  I am thankful for the opportunity my daughter has to play for these coaches and look forward to what the future holds in her lacrosse game.”


– “My oldest daughter is entering her second season with The Blast and her fourth playing lacrosse. From the first time she picked up a stick,lacrosse has been her favorite sport. The coaching she has received from Julie and Josie and their staff has improved her game more in one year than the three previous years combined. She has made a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun, all while becoming a better, stronger, more confident lacrosse player. We are really looking forward to the 2013 season, as our youngest daughter made the 2020 team so both girls are now members of The Philly Blast program.”


– “We have been very impressed with the focus on developing the fundamental skills of the game.  We have seen significant improvement in our daughter’s understanding of the offensive and defensive strategies. She has thoroughly enjoyed the coaching, instruction, and competitive level of play.  Her experience has been nothing but positive on all levels.  The environment has proven to be a significant development opportunity for our daughter both on and off the field.”


IMG_2010– “My daughter has played for the coaching staff of Philly Blast for the last two years and had an extraordinary experience. The personal attention and individual coaching that my daughter received has been truly unique. There have been many training sessions where 4 or 5 coaches were training 16-17 girls. I have found the Coaching Staff to be very knowledgeable in the latest tactics and strategies for Women’s Lacrosse but believe the coaching staff’s greatest asset is their incredibly positive attitude and their desire to make the girls better. They drive the girls in a warm, collegial manner. From my vantage point, the greatest testimony of the program is that during tournament play, when the girls were sometimes outgunned while playing older teams, they never became discouraged and battled to the very end. This was a direct result of the positive atmosphere created by a most outstanding group of lacrosse coaches.”


– “My daughter has been playing lacrosse for five years and has had some very good coaches in the past, but no one has elevated her game the way Philly Blast has. The practices were well organized & run with the emphasis of learning but at the same time the girls had great fun. The coaches take a personal interest in each and every one of the girls on the team, helping them develop the individual lacrosse skills that will improve their game. My daughter has made lasting friendships and has gained a great respect and love of the game. She looks forward to playing for Philly Blast for many years to come.”


– “My daughter had a BLAST playing on the Philly Blast team! The girls quickly bonded, making new friends. The coaches were phenomenal — absolutely the BEST! It was amazing how my daughter’s skills as the goalie improved in the few weeks with the Philly Blast coaches. This young team played up an age bracket in one tourney and played with gusto! My daughter is a better lax player having become more skilled, confident and excited about the sport thanks to the gifted coaches!!!! Thank you for an awesome season!”


– “As a parent, I loved the fact that the coaching staff was great about working with the girls on all skill levels. They were never too busy to go over drills or concepts of the game to make sure everyone understood it. My daughter’s knowledge of the game and skill level has improved tenfold! I am amazed at how much she has changed for the better over the season! She (and I) can’t wait for next year!”

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